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Please don’t give your car coffee on a cold morning! Instead, read this article about how a quick synthetic oil change in Idaho Falls, IDcan improve your cold morning starts and vehicle performance. While the summer months may well be behind us, it’s time to accept that the nice weather which came with it has gone. In its place is a more romantic weather, full of low temperatures and nights by the fire.

Is Warming up Your Car Causing You Engine Damage?

Of course, it also comes with potentially the worlds biggest cup of coffee each morning just to get you active and out of the house each morning. And while this is a great way to start your day, have you thought about your car? No. This article isn’t going to suggest that you share your coffee with your car. Instead, below is some information from TenEyck Distributing about what affect the cold weather can have on your car and how warming it up for a few minutes each morning can actually be causing it damage.

Let's Discuss Warming up Your Car

Easily the most commonly heard car tip is to let your engine warm up for a few minutes each morning before you drive it. Just to let it wake up and get going. Your Dad told you, his Dad told him, and it's likely that his Dad told him. And while we all blindly obeyed, nobody really gave much thought to what it actually meant. After all, it never matters how long you let it warm up for, the seats are still cold and the windshield is still fogged up. Doesn't seem like warming up the car does anything at all! The reason for this is that you aren’t actually warming up your car. You are warming up your car’s oil.

Warming up My Car's Oil? Why?

If you were to think of your engine is the most basic ways, it would be nothing more than a selection of metal parts each working together to keep your engine going and your vehicle moving. Each of these parts is required to interact with each other under high levels of pressure, at high speeds, and under extreme temperatures. As you can imagine, this doesn’t end well for each or the parts involved, with the action causing each of these parts to wear away as they work. Enter engine oil. Your engine oil is a fluid which makes its way through your engine and cats each of these parts with a protective layer of film. Once in place, this film promotes smooth, friction free interactions, leaving you with an engine which runs smoothly. Click here to buy AMSOIL’s high-quality Signature Series 0W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil which has been designed to not only protect your engine during a cold start but also help to improve its performance as you drive. To find out more, speak with an expert at TenEyck Distributing by calling (208) 589-4660.

How Does the Cold Weather Come Into Play?

Now for the effects of cold weather. If you are using a conventional oil or a low-quality oil then, as the temperatures drop, the fluid begins to thicken. Where it once provided a comprehensive layer of protection, it starts to retract and clump together, leaving the above-mentioned engine parts exposed.

Warming up Your Car Before You Drive in the Morning

It isn’t until your car’s engine reaches a temperature high enough to warm up the liquid that it returns to its thin viscosity and is able to once again provide your engine parts with protection.

Hold Up! So, My Engine Is Unprotected While I Warm It Up?

If you start your engine when your oil isn’t providing protection, then yes, the act of warming up your car can be causing your engine damage.

The Best Way to Overcome This Is With a Synthetic Oil Change in Idaho Falls, ID

Synthetic oil has been purposed designed to maintain its level of coverage even as the temperatures start to drop overnight. For a motorist, not only does this mean that there is no need to warm up your engine, but your engine is protected from the moment your turn the key. Speak with TenEyck Distributing at (208) 589-4660 to find out more about how a synthetic oil change in Idaho Falls, ID can improve your cold mornings along with many other benefits which come with a synthetic oil change in Idaho Falls, ID. Alternatively, the online store has a wealth of information for all of the products available.

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