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Could you identify if your brakes were failing or needed some attention? How about if there was a small problem about to grow in size and cost? This article can help you identify some common problems. All motorists want to keep their vehicle in good shape so that it performs well and keeps them safe. The challenge for these motorists is knowing enough about how an engine works to know when it’s asking for help and when it’s simply doing its job and making regular noises. This mindset often leads motorists to just ignore any noise their vehicle makes.

Are Your Brakes Calling Your Name?

Understanding just how important it is for all motorist to have a working knowledge of their car and its safety features, TenEyck Distributing has the following post to share to help you identify when your brakes are experiencing problems and could benefit from your attention.


No, we aren’t talking about the lovable character from the hit show ‘Saved By The Bell’. Instead, we are talking about the screeching noise which you may be hearing coming from your wheels are you slow down to stop at the red light. Well, when you finally come to a stop! Your brake pads come with their own early warning system to tell you when they are coming up for replacement. The noise that you hear is this mechanism working by way of a small pin which is starting to appear from your brake pad material and grind against your wheels. As horrible as the noise is, it’s normal, however, shouldn’t be left for too long.

The Addams Family

If it sounds like your wheels are joining on the theme tune to The Addams Family then it’s likely that they need your attention. A clicking noise coming from your wheels or your brakes is not good news. When your brakes were installed, they were placed in a fitting which is attached to your braking system. If the pads were not installed correctly or have become loose or dislodged then they can move around, leading to the clicking noise that you are hearing as you apply pressure to your brakes. Because they can move, the brake pads jump and bump as you brake. While their lifestyle may have been amusing, the Addams Family isn’t a great role model for your mechanical concerns. Instead, speak with an expert by calling TenEyck Distributing at (208) 589-4660. Alternatively, click here to buy AMSOIL DOT 3 and DOT 4 Synthetic Brake Fluid to give your braking system the support it needs for maximum traction control.

But I Wanted to Stop Back There Daddy!

If slowing your car down takes so long that it makes Violet Beauregarde angry then it’s time to check the condition of your brakes. If the lower braking performance isn’t accompanied by any other signs then it’s likely that you just need your brake pads replaced. Make your way to the mechanic as soon as possible, as once your brake pads are at the point where you can notice them starting to get worse, it won't be much longer until they stop working entirely.

I Go Left but You Stay Right…

Sounds like the lyrics for a love song, doesn’t it? And while it might be a nice way to start one, if it describes what happens when you try to brake then everything isn’t as romantic as you might think. If you notice that your car is pulling to one side each time that you break, it’s best that you see a mechanic. It could be a range of things such as an unevenly worn brake pad right through to something more serious. Either way, if you can feel your car pulling as you brake, be sure to get it to your mechanic as quickly as possible.

Give Your Car a Synthetic Oil Change in Idaho Falls, ID

Keeping these identifiers in mind as you drive is a great way to identify common causes of brake problems early on before they have a chance to cause a potentially dangerous situation. Of course, it goes without saying, when you are completing your regular maintenance, be sure to check the level and quality of your brake fluid. If any of your engine lubricant levels are running low or are dirty, replace them with a high-quality AMSOIL alternative. Speak with TenEyck Distributing at (208) 589-4660 to learn more about which AMSOIL products can get the most performance out of your engine. Alternatively, the online store has additional information about the range of products available.  

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