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If you want to keep your car looking good as new, it's important to wash it often and take care of its paint; especially during the hotter months. Read this post by TenEyck Distributing to avoid possible damage with the proper maintenance.

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Paint Damage: Beware of Bird Droppings and Others

Not all good things come from above. Birds and other animal droppings have a corrosive effect on the car paint and the longer they lay on its surface, the greater the damage. The same goes for insects. With an insect cleaner, you can remove the insect remains from the paint and, when you wash the car, you will only have to wipe with a cloth to remove them.

Don't Neglect Maintenance

Those who love their car wash it often. Neglecting your car on a regular basis is the most common mistake that drivers make when it comes to maintenance. If you take care of the car paint properly, it will be more resistant to external agents. In this way, you can reduce costly repairs with spray paint or pencil painting. The ideal frequency with which you should wash the car depends on the type of car, needs, and the use you give to the vehicle.

The Ideal Car Wash

Some car washes use brushes and other cloths. There is none better than the other but if the brushes or cloths are stained with sand or dirt, they act as sandpaper and will damage the car's paint while they brush. Therefore, it's very important that the car wash you take your car to guarantees a quality service. Don't forget to check the condition of the brushes and watch out for nylon threads that are broken or torn; since they can accumulate dirt. And, should you wax after washing? Of course! The wax seals the outer layer of the car paint and thus protects it from external agents.

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How Often Should You Wax the Vehicle?

As long as the rainwater runs smoothly through the paint, it is not necessary to re-wax. However, time also plays a very important role. If you park your vehicle in a garage, the wax coating will protect it for longer than if you park under a porch or outdoors.

Paint and Rags: the Perfect Hand Wash

For drivers, hand washing is the most gentle method. The key here is to use mild cleaning products with a low pH and soft, clean scouring pads, brushes, and rags. If you use a pressured washer, remember to keep your safety distance because excessive water pressure could damage the paint. An infallible rule: if the water jet does damage to the hand, it will also do damage to the car.

Polish Can Restore the Shine to Your Car

Does your car paint no longer shine the same as the first day? Can you see some scratches on the body? The solution to this is polishing. Car polishes contain microfine abrasives that clean car paint carefully without damaging it. In addition, the polishes keep the paint looking brand-new while protecting it against harsh weather. Have you ever polished your car but the scratches are still there? The next step would be to touch up the paint, or rather, to have it done by an expert. The ideal method of repairing paint always depends on each specific case. For this reason, repair should always be carried out by suitably qualified professionals.

Polish the Paint According to Its Damage

If your car has minor scratches, you may want to polish the paint. For this work, different compounds match the top lacquer layer to the car paint. Depending on the severity of the damage, you can do it yourself, with the help of a cloth, a polishing compound, and circular movements. When the damage is more prominent, you can polish the paint with the help of a rotary machine or take it with a professional detailer. It's important to keep in mind that polishing thins the lacquer layer, so it's not recommended to do it more than once a year.

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