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When you see a light come on or steam come from your hood, you know that your car needs water. When it comes to your transmission fluid, however, it isn’t that easy and it certainly isn’t visual.

It’s unreasonable to expect every motorist to understand how everything inside their engine works. After all, that is the sole purpose a mechanic studies so much before they can do their job. However, there are a number of basic maintenance steps that each motorist can do, and one of them is knowing when to replace the transmission fluid.

Does Your Transmission Fluid Need to Be Looked At?

To help you identify when yours is due for a change, TenEyck Distributing has the following indicators to share with you to keep your eyes open for.

There Is a Light on Your Dash

Many motorists prefer to ignore it when they see a light come on their dash that they don’t recognize. Often thinking that it means an expensive trip to the mechanic, the problem is left to worsen.
One of those indecipherable icons is likely to be your transmission fluid. Look through your owner’s manual and find out what your looks like. If it’s on, you know what the problem is. If it isn’t, then you know what to look out for.

Does It Sound Like Your Car Is a Transformer Each Time You Change Gears?

Despite how much of a beast you believe your vehicle is, it doesn’t have a slew of robotic parts underneath it that keep you going. Just regular engine parts.

However, if you are hearing grinds, clanks, and smashes as you attempt to change gears then it’s a good sign that your transmission fluid needs some attention. The reason for the sound is that your gears and the mechanics that manage and change them are not being sufficiently lubricated. This means that instead of a smooth and damage free gear change, you hear horrid noises that sound like metal scraping against metal. And for good reason - that’s exactly what the sound it!

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Romancing Your Gears

If it feels like you have to take your gears out to dinner and a movie just to change then you have a problem, and it’s likely related to your transmission fluid. The problem is similar to the point mentioned above regarding the sounds. The struggle you have with changing gears is caused by the mechanics of your transmission scraping against each other. This friction and scraping not only causes stiffness in your gear changes but can actually damage the transmission system.

I Don't Remember Selecting Neutral

If you suddenly notice that you are sitting in neutral when you are sure you selected a gear, you aren’t going crazy. It’s called slipping gears and it can occur when there isn’t a sufficient level of pressure holding each gear in place. This lack of pressure causes your gears to simply slip out of place, leaving you to coast along until you roll to a stop. This doesn’t necessarily mean that there is a problem with your transmission fluid itself, but that there is a flow issue that is preventing enough fluid from getting to where it’s needed.

Hold on There!

Have you ever been driving pleasantly down the street and feel your car surge forward unexpectedly? If there isn’t enough transmission fluid in your system, the cogs inside can’t work consistently. This can often be a sign of bigger problems, however checking the condition and level of your transmission fluid is the first step to diagnosing this issue.

The Right Product for Your Next Synthetic Oil Change in Idaho Falls, ID

When it comes to keeping your car in good shape, basic maintenance tips like these can go a long way to getting the most out of your vehicle, both in performance and lifespan. If you aren’t sure which is the right product for your vehicle, instead of taking a guess, speak with somebody who can help.

Call TenEyck Distributing at (208) 589-4660 and ask about products like AMSOIL’s Manual Synchromesh Transmission Fluid 5W-30 and how it can help your transmission perform better. If you prefer to browse, the online store has further information about all of the products available, including their purpose and how they work best.

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