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This post by TenEyck Distributing in Saint George lists a few suggestions on road safety and accident prevention for car drivers. Keep reading and take notes if you're a novice driver to improve your technique.

Driving a Vehicle Is a Privilege

It's important to realize and accept this if you're fortunate enough to have a driver's license. You must do so in compliance with all applicable traffic laws and regulations. If you abide by those commands, you'll contribute to preventing accidents on the roads by driving safely.

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Road safety should be a topic that sparks interest in vehicular and motorized drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians alike. Simple adjustments in your driving habits can make a significant change in everyone's favor and safety. So, here are some suggestions to drive responsibly and safely. Pay close attention!

The Vehicle Must Always Be in Top Shape

This step is perhaps the most evident, and yet it remains overlooked in most cases. A vehicle is, after all, a machine that requires tuning and maintenance to ensure reliable performance. Before starting a trip and after reaching your destination, see if the vehicle is in good condition and check all your car's components. Please pay close attention to the tires' condition, as they should always be inflated according to the owner's manual. Also, the tires' tread lines shouldn't be too worn down, as they pose extreme danger to the driver and everyone around. Ensure the battery and the oil is in good condition. Subsequently, make a list of all the things you should check before a long trip and don't overlook anything.

Fasten Your Seat Belt

It's proven that its use can make the difference between life and death. The seat belt is the only support that passengers have to keep themselves attached to the seats when a car crash occurs. Its use is mandatory and necessary for everyone. For this reason, if you are a driver, fasten your seatbelt before starting your vehicle. In the same way, don't start the car until every passenger has the seatbelt on, and for young children, there are safety seats; try to buy one according to your kids' ages.

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Try to Keep Good Posture When Driving

Maintaining an ergonomic posture is, broadly speaking, the safest way to avoid high-risk factors such as fatigue and back pain when driving, especially if you're going on long trips. Try to maintain an ergonomic posture that gives you comfort when driving, rest and hydrate from time to time, and avoid long hours of continuous driving for your back's sake.

Respect Traffic Laws and Regulations

At this point, there is no room for further explanations. Respecting traffic laws and signs is the best way to maintain order and safety on the roads for drivers, bikers, and pedestrians. Exceeding allowed speeds, ignoring warnings and prohibitions, as well as the traffic lights, is risking your life and that of others. Please take this step seriously to become an adept and responsible driver and make a firm commitment to be respectful of traffic signs and regulations.

Don't Drive If You Are Going to Drink Alcohol

This shouldn't be up for debate. Liquor and other recreative substances are not good for your health or safety. For this reason, you should never drink if you're the designated driver. In addition to being punished by the law and leading to severe problems with your car insurance, driving while intoxicated is an invitation to danger and fatal accidents. Your safety and everyone else's is in your hands. Be responsible and commit to road safety for everyone's sake.

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