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If your car had a heart, it would be the engine. Make sure you're doing a good job keeping it in shape before spring with these tips and suggestions by TenEyck Distributing in Saint George.

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A Common Problem

Few things are more unpleasant in the car than a faulty engine. Until electric vehicles take full control of the roads, people will have to deal with conventional vehicles, which run on fossil fuels. Due to the complexity of their powertrains, they require extra maintenance to do their job correctly. The engine is the core of the car, and it must run smoothly to keep it going. This post will stress how important it is to keep the engine in shape and running efficiently but remember, it's useless if you don't do your part, which is why you'll find a series of tips that will help your engine working.

Check the Oil Level and Check the Filter

Engine oil is in charge of many jobs. It lubricates moving parts, acts as a sealant against dirt, cools the block, reduces wear, and prevents corrosion, so keeping it clean is vital to ensure the car's overall well-being. Depending on the vehicle and the type of oil you use, you may need to change both the oil and its filter every three months or, although it would be best to consult your owner's manual and a professional opinion for exact details. To check the oil level, make sure the car is in an even area and the engine is warm but not started. Open the hood and take out the dipstick, which has a yellow tint and is usually located somewhere near the oil cap. Take it out, clean it with a piece of paper, put it back in, and wait a few seconds. Take it out again and check the oil level, which should be between the “MIN” and “MAX” marks. If it's close to the minimum, you'll have to fill it once again with a formula that matches the same viscosity level.

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Check the Coolant Level

If the engine overheats, repairs can be costly, so, along with oil, coolant is one of the essential fluids. Metallic pieces and other engine components aren't good at dealing with heat. Ensure that the engine is cold when checking everything because if it's running or still hot, some of the coolant liquid circulating through the system could be landing on your face. The coolant reservoir is always installed in the engine compartment. Again, the level should be between “MIN” and “MAX” marks, and if it is too low, you need to fill it up as soon as you can. Don't just pour in coolant and mix it with distilled water. Ideally, go for a 1: 1 ratio, but if you live in an area where temperatures drop well below freezing, adding 60-70% coolant and 40-30% distilled water may be a better idea; you will not damage any component with this measures.

Check the Fuel Level

Both gasoline and diesel contain sediments that settle to the bottom of the fuel tank. After years of use, a layer of debris will form, and it shouldn't reach the engine. If the fuel pump does its job on low fuel, it will drag that debris into the fuel pump and cause wear and tear. Instead of just praying they don't hit the block, don't rush the tank level and spare yourself from a fuel filter and pump repair or replacement.

Check the Accessory Strap

All vehicles have at least one accessory strap, while some may have two. These rubber belts are used to power different peripheral devices, including the alternator, power steering pump, water pump, or air conditioning compressor. When they are about to break, you will hear screeching in the engine compartment when driving, but it's always a good idea to take a look, even if it doesn't show any red flags. The easiest thing to look for are signs of wear, such as cracks.

Keep your car in excellent condition with the help of a synthetic oil change in Saint George. Try AMSOIL's Signature Series 0W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil to keep your engine running smoothly. Reach out to TenEyck Distributing to find out more about synthetic oil products by calling (208) 589-4660 or visiting their online store to make a purchase.


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