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There is never a bad time to give your car some maintenance, so why not use fall as the perfect start to a regular maintenance routine! This article has vehicle maintenance tips you can do at home. The majority of motorists would love the idea of performing their own vehicle maintenance at home, however, the challenge is knowing what you can actually do which is worthwhile. After all, there are only so many times that you can put more water in the radiator.

Vehicle Maintenance Tips and Motorist Can Perform This Fall

If this sounds like you and your radiator is full, TenEyck Distributing has the following tips to get you started on the road (pun intended) toward a healthy vehicle.

Keep Your Car Clean!

Not just for the look, but also to extend its lifespan. While you might not think so, cleaning your car is a great way to prevent rust from occurring or even to identify it before it starts to become a greater problem. For this reason, plan a day of the weekend where you and your family attack the car with cleaning products and devices! When you are all cleaning, pay particular attention to these items: Be sure to clean in the seals around your doors. Often dust and debris can make their way in where they can damage your seals. Be sure to pay attention to the areas which you regularly wouldn’t see, such as high up where your feet are placed near the pedals. The space where your dashboard meets your windshield. This is where the air vents are likely to be and is a popular spot for dust buildup.

Oil Filter

The chances are that you know you have an oil filter in your engine, but you likely don’t know what it does exactly. This often leads motorists to simply ignore it when the symptoms of a worn oil filter start to show. To give you the most basic explanations, an oil filter is responsible for removing as much debris and contaminants from your oil supply as possible and circulating clean oil into your engine. Just because it basic doesn’t mean that it isn’t important. Take the time this fall to replace your oil filter with a high-quality alternative. While this is often a job left for a mechanic, it is also a task which can be completed in a home garage. When performing vehicle maintenance it’s important that you only use the right and the best products for the job. Click here to buy AMSOIL Signature Series 0W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil which has been purpose designed to keep your engine running smooth and clean. Alternatively, speak with an expert at TenEyck Distributing by calling (208) 589-4660 to learn more about the range of high-quality AMSOIL products.

Battery Condition - Check the Electrics

Even though the hood of the car is lifted many times, little to no attention is ever paid to the condition of the battery. You know, that big box that sits right at the front of your engine that’s impossible to miss! Take some time to check the condition of the battery and the connectors. If you can see any build up occurring on the connectors, safely disconnect the battery and give it a clean. Once you have reconnected the battery, take the opportunity to test it out while also checking that your signals and lights are all functioning correctly. This takes care of two mechanical birds with one, check?!

Air Filter

Of course, oil isn’t the only thing which is being filtered in your engine. For the purpose of combustion, which is the process which keeps your vehicle moving, the right mixture of fuel and clean air needs to occur to be ignited.The cleaner both the fuel and the air, the better the spark, and the better performance you see out of your engine. However, if the quality of the air going into this equation is low, then you can expect the quality of the spark produced to also be lower, leading to an engine that isn’t really interested in getting you anywhere too quickly. Lift Up the hood of your car and identify your air filter casing. It’s likely to be a large plastic part with a clasp holding a cover. This is where your air filter sits. If you are using an air filter which can be cleaned, then you have a short job ahead of you with some water and detergent. If not, then your only option is a replacement, and believe us, it isn’t a bad option at all!


Finishing off the checklist, it’s time to crouch down and check the condition of the tires. If you can see anything which doesn't look right, have it looked at straight away. For example:
  • Chips or chunks missing from the tire
  • Bald spots on the tire or low tread
  • Debris caught in and pierced the tire
Any of these can cause serious problems when you are driving which is easily avoidable with a simple visual inspection of your tires. When completing the check, be sure to take your car outside into the bright sunlight so that you can get a clear look.

Give Your Engine a Boost With a Synthetic Oil Change in Idaho Falls, ID

As you have read, there are many more vehicle maintenance items which you can perform yourself without having to leave your car with your mechanic for days on end. Of course, be sure that you are using the best products for the job when performing any type of vehicle maintenance. Browse the online store or speak with a synthetic oil change expert at TenEyck Distributing by calling (208) 589-4660 to learn about which is the right product for your needs.

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