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Owning an SUV offers a range of benefits over a regular sized family sedan or a sports car. And while many drivers may only use their SUV to complete their daily city errands along with their family duties, more and more SUV owners are looking to get the most out of their vehicle and explore places they previously wouldn't.

Basic SUV Maintenance Tips to Keep You off the Road

If you are one of these drivers who is interested in taking their SUV off-road but aren't sure what type of SUV maintenance you can perform yourself, you are reading the right post. With extensive experience providing customers, just like you, with AMSOIL engine lubricants for their regular synthetic oil change,  TenEyck Distributing has a list of basic SUV maintenance tips to share.


You may be used to topping up your radiator with coolant. However, there are a number of other fluid levels that are as equally important, and that you can check yourself.
  • Transmission Fluid
    • With the increase in low range gear changes you will be doing, transmission fluid has never been more important. Your owner's manual will show you can locate it. If it's sitting low - top it up!
  • Brake Fluid
    • This one is important for all vehicles, however, if you aren't comfortable controlling your descents with your gears then you will be relying heavily on your brakes more than usual. Check your brake fluid levels and always keep them topped up.
      • As a side note - after a heavy day of driving, make some time to inspect the condition of your brake pads. If you use your brake to descend, they are going to wear out faster than you may be used to.
  • Power Steering Fluid
    • All modern cars use it, but most owners don't know it exists. It's the fluid that is responsible for allowing you to turn the steering wheel without visiting the gym first. While you may only use it to navigate parking spots, during off-road tracks, it is going to help you get out of a lot of tricky situations.
  • Engine oil
    • The purpose of your engine oil is of particular importance if you are putting a lot of strain on your engine during summer off-road driving. However, using the right oil is also linked to the level of fuel efficiency you can expect. Always check your engine oil level before you drive, and if it looks low, top it up. If the oil you are seeing looks dirty, instead of a top up, take the time to give your car a synthetic oil change.
If you aren't 100% sure which fluid, especially your engine lubricant, is right for the job, ask an expert. Speak with TenEyck Distributing at (208) 589-4660 about the make and model of your SUV to get the right AMSOIL high-quality lubricant for your next top up or full synthetic oil change.

Air Filter

As you drive any vehicle, air is taken in and mixed with fuel to ignite. This process is the very basis of how a combustion engine operates. During off-road driving, excessive amounts of dirt and debris can cause it to become clogged. Your air filter is likely located at the top of your engine and is covered by a plastic housing. Simply take it out and check the condition of the fibers inside. If your air filter is full of dirt (or bugs), then it's time to clean it.

Oil Filter

Your oil filter is responsible for catching any contaminants or debris in your motor oil supply before allowing clean oil to recirculate. However, with increased engine strain through low gear driving and the searing summer heat, a low-quality engine oil may break down, leaving your oil filter to become clogged sooner than you would like. Safely check the condition of your oil filter. If it's looking worse-for-wear, it's time for a new one.


When you look at a clean SUV, you often don't think that you are looking at an SUV that has seen anything except the city. However, keeping an SUV clean is vital to maximizing its lifespan and minimizing repair costs. When dust and debris are allowed to accumulate on the body of your SUV and any exposed framework (your undercarriage), it can cause corrosion.


While it may seem simple, a blown headlamp can quickly put a stop to any night-time off-road driving you were looking forward to doing. If you are about to head out for a trip where you expect, and hope, to do some night driving, make sure your headlamps are in good condition. If their brightness is a little low, replace them and keep the old ones in the trunk as spares.

Reap the Benefits of a Synthetic Oil Change in Ammon

While many drivers are used to their mechanic performing a synthetic oil change on their vehicle, this is most definitely a task that can be completed at home, it just takes the right products. Speak with TenEyck Distributing at (208) 589-4660 and ask about which AMSOIL engine lubricant best suits your vehicle. Performing a synthetic oil change at home doesn't take very long, and is a great way to not only save on your mechanic costs but also get in touch with your vehicle.

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