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Off-road vehicles are built to endure extreme weather no matter their transmission systems, keep reading this post by TenEyck Distributing in Saint George, and learn a few tips to drive your UTV during the winter.

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The Toughest Time of the Year

There's no worse condition for any vehicle than snow or ice. So, TenEyck Distributing has prepared this post with some advice on how to drive your off-roader once winter arrives.

Stay Updated

Winter takes a toll on all surfaces and surroundings; try to stay informed about what happens in your area and the roads you drive on. Also, drive more carefully when you go through an icy or snowy surface since the tires cannot achieve their usual grip, unlike the way they grasp when sliding on asphalt. One of the reasons tires grip so well on asphalt is its rotation at high speeds, forcing the molecules' bonds on the tires' surface to break apart while creating new bonds between the asphalt. However, that outcome occurs almost exclusively when driving at very high speeds or racing against other vehicles.

Off-Roaders Are Slightly Different

Utility vehicles are typically used for work. These off-roaders tend to circulate at lower speeds, and friction is their primary mechanism. However, you'll notice small irregularities in the tire that might collide against the asphalt unevenness, which stops the tire from sliding on it.

Be Aware of the Variables

While driving on surfaces similar to snow, friction decreases as the snow crumbles, making the tire lose its grip. This scenario changes when the ground is frozen. Its surface becomes completely smooth, and there is no friction. Although the 4x4 traction and the self-locking that the UTVs carry are very helpful in these conditions, you should always bear in mind that the circumstances are very inconvenient for your wheels. And if the 4x4 traction is among your options, you should still activate it nonetheless.

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Get Proper Tires

Tires have a more challenging time moving through snow or ice than they do on asphalt. Luckily there are special tires for off-road vehicles equipped to adapt to these conditions since their tread is more intricate and designed to slide carefully on the road. Fit the winter tires, especially if you're using your UTV to work in northern or mountain areas. Also, don't forget to ensure that these tires are in good condition before installing them.

Smoothness is the Key

When driving on snow, all movements should be very smooth, and the driver should abstain from executing any sudden motions. If you do a very sharp turn of the steering wheel, the front wheels will slip, and you will lose control of the vehicle until you slow down.

Use Sunglasses

This advice is also convenient when you go skiing. Even if the sky is cloudy, ice and snow reflect sunbeams, and it's necessary to protect your eyes from these rays. Besides, it's quite common to carry sunglasses in one of the car's compartments. So, don't forget to have a pair within your reach whenever you ride your UTV.

Avoid the Route with the Most Snow Accumulation

If you see some lanes created by the tires of other vehicles while driving through snow, refrain from going that way because that's where the ice accumulates the most, and it's easier for the wheels to skid. If you have a route that you always take for work or leisure purposes, try to bypass it if it has gathered a lot of snow! Don't let your wheels roll in those lanes. Lastly, the same applies if you go on a ride with a group of people, don't go through the same tracks as their vehicles.

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