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Where to start with boat maintenance. This post is a general guide on how you can keep yourself and your passengers safe on your boat, including general safety maintenance tips.

General Tips to Stay Safe on Your Boat

Just because the weather isn't inviting, doesn't mean that you aren't going to head out on the water for some fishing or adventure sports. Of course, as every responsible boat owner knows, the first step to a successful and enjoyable outing is a safe boat. In a previous post, TenEyck Distributing highlighted information on how to stay safe on a personal watercraft. For this post, TenEyck Distributing has some information to share on how you can keep your passengers and your boat in a safe condition.

Learn About Your Boat

Your new boat isn't a piece of DIY furniture that you can assemble at home; it is a working machine! For this reason, it's important to take the time to read through the owner's manual and understand the working of your boat, including any and all safety features of your vessel.

Life Jackets

Life Jackets

No, that wasn't a typo. Life Jackets are worth mentioning twice because life jackets are the most important safety item which should be on board every boat, no matter how big or small. When arranging your life jackets, be sure that every rider has an appropriate life jacket. This means that adult life jackets and child life jackets are not interchangeable. Make sure that you have the right ones for the job.

Remove Any Clutter

More than just aesthetics, a clean and uncluttered boat is a safe boat. Consider these tips:
  • Remove any obstacles that could catch people's feet
  • Check that all non-slip strips are clear and dry
  • Be sure the safety railings are securely attached and are not faulty
  • Secure any loose wires around the controls of the boat.
When giving your boat a clean, consider the cleanliness of the oil running inside the engine. If it looks a little worse-for-wear, take some time to give it a full synthetic oil change with a high-quality product. Have a look through the online store for something like AMSOIL's Outboard 100:1 Pre-Mix Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil, made for outboard motors or one more suited to your needs. If you aren't sure which is the best option for you, give TenEyck Distributing a call at (208) 589-4660 and ask which is the best choice for you.

What's Inside Your Emergency Box?

What you keep inside your emergency box will depend on your vessel. However, the basics would include:
  • Flares
  • First-Aid Kit
  • Basic Tools
  • Emergency Radio
  • FlashlightsWhistle
If you want to add more and you have the room, the safer, the better. However, keep these at a minimum.

Keep Your Boat in Food Working Order

The best way to prevent getting stuck in a sticky situation is by keeping your boat in good shape. While that means regular maintenance, it doesn't necessarily mean heavy maintenance. The basics are:
  • Keep your fluid levels in check and always topped up
  • Check for propeller damage and replace if necessary
  • Test your radio regularly to ensure you can contact help if required
  • The electronics aboard your boat, including your emergency equipment, rely on your battery, so check its condition often.
  • Keep your boat clean by washing it after each trip to prevent buildup from damaging the exterior.
  • Check any hoses and fitting for leaks

Educate Your Passengers

Just because you're in charge doesn't mean that you are the only one who is responsible for boat safety. Before boarding, speak with your passengers, whether it's your friends or your family about how to stay safe on the boat. Tips like not standing up or don't rock side to side may seem basic to you, but to a first timer, they are lessons best learned before getting on the water. In you want to take it a step further, create small informational cards which you can show to your guests as they get into their life jackets, to familiarize themselves with how to stay safe.

Basic Boat Maintenance Starts With a Synthetic Oil Change in Pocatello

Just like any vehicle, the level of performance that you will get out of your boat depends on the quality of the engine oil you're putting in it. Speak with TenEyck Distributing at (208) 589-4660 about products like AMSOIL's Outboard 100:1 Pre-Mix Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil, which has been designed for outboard motor use. If you would like to browse through the available marine focused products, check out the online store for more information.

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