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Why a Synthetic Oil Change Is the Best Way to Combat Friction

Cars have become one of our most valued possessions, they make commuting possible and without them it would be much harder to reach any destination. Which is why when car problems arise, it can become catastrophic to our daily routine. The highest amount of serious car problems is always engine related. The mayor culprit of these serious car problems is friction. That is why today at Teneyck Distributing we want to further discuss how friction affects your engine and why a synthetic oil change is the best way to combat this problem.

Friction Puts Your Vehicle in Grave Danger

Friction is the reason that the motor oil system is so crucial to all engines. Inside the engine are several parts and pieces that work together to keep the engine working and the vehicle moving. As these parts work, many of them need to be in constant contact, and when they move against each other they begin to scrape and roughly rub one another. The scraping and scratching leads to deterioration and in some cases where the friction is very intense, an immediate breakdown of the parts. If the engine parts break or wear out the engine will no longer be able to function correctly and the vehicle will be not be in working conditions.

Things You Can Do to Prevent Friction Damage

There are several things you can do to help prevent damages caused by friction. First of all it is important that the lubrication system is properly working, there must be sufficient levels of motor oil and the oil must be in good conditions. All parts of the lubrication system are important and each has its own role. However, the motor oil is what will directly protect the engine parts against friction. The motor oil covers the engine parts with a smooth film of slippery lubrication so that the pieces of that move against each other have a sort of cushion that is slick and allows them to easily glide against one another without roughly scrapping. Now, it is very important to keep in mind that not all motor oils are created equal and the amount of protection and level of lubrication they can provide may vary, specially under difficult circumstances.

Lubrication Differences Between Conventional, Synthetic Blend and Full Synthetic Oil

Conventional motor oil tends to loose valuable lubrication properties when faced with intense heat, it may thin out and its molecular composition tends to deteriorate in high temperatures. Regular motor oil also has a weak resistance to the cold and thickens in cold temperatures, causing it to not be able to lubricate the engine effectively. Synthetic oil blends are somewhat more resistant to the heat and extreme temperatures but they still do not offer all the protection and benefits that full synthetic oil can. One of the best ways to avoid the harmful effects of friction is to always use a first-rate full synthetic oil, such as Amsoil. Choose the right grade of quality full synthetic oil for your vehicle in our Amsoil online store, or contact us directly.

How the Different Components of the Lubrication System Work

Although the main component that runs the lubrication system is the motor oil, each specific part of the system has its own unique and important job. The oil pump pushes out the motor oil so that it can go to the pick up tube and through the oil filter. The oil filter has several functions which we will discuss in a future post but for know lets just mention that it helps prevent any dirt or impurities that the oil may have picked up from entering to the engine parts again. The pressure relief valve is in charge of releasing the pressure and excess oil that is collected when the oil pump forces out too much. After the oil has coated the engine parts that require lubrication it then returns to the oil pan where it rests if the engine has been turned of or continually repeats the processes if the engine is still running.

Great Benefits With a Synthetic Oil Change in Ammon

Now that you know why motor oil is so important and how it protects the engine, go get a synthetic oil change and start protecting your engine, effectively. Amsoil provides outstanding full synthetic products that can protect the engine best, through superior lubrication. Call (208) 589-4660 now to purchase quality full synthetic oil and experience the benefits, today.

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