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If you have ever seen a black and white Hollywood movie from the 50’s then you know just how cool it looks to ride around the streets wearing nothing more than a pair of jeans and a t-shirt.

How to Keep Your Body Protected on Your Motorbike

In reality, a real rider needs to worry about falling off and what is going to protect them if or when they do! If you consider yourself a real rider and enjoy a pain-free body and lifestyle, below are some great tips from TenEyck Distributing about staying safe on your bike while you ride.

Let’s Start with Your Head

Arguably the most important part of your body, your head is the best place to start when talking about motorcycle safety. Of course, the best and only way to protect your head is with a motorcycle helmet. Here are some aspects to look out for:
  • Is it the Goldilocks of helmets? Is it not too tight and not too loose, but just right?
  • Can you e safely and comfortably through the visor?
  • Does it accommodate your Bluetooth headpiece or does it include one?
  • Does it have anything which works to keep your head cool as you ride?

Down to Your Jacket

Elvis and James Dean - have you ever known two more iconic movie stars who rode around on motorbikes looking super cool? Of course, most of that cool-ness was attributed to the denim jackets they used to wear! Those were the days! Well, those were the days of movies! Just like it was mentioned above, a denim jacket is only good for the movies. In reality, here is what you should be looking out for:
  • A motorcycle jacket. Not a DIY safety jacket. Not a heavy-duty weatherproof hiking jacket, a motorcycle jacket designed for one task and one task alone - to be ridden on a motorcycle.
  • The jacket is made from high-quality materials
  • The jackets stitching is also high quality
  • You can comfortably move and reach the controls
  • It will protect you from the rain
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Now for Your Pants

If you were hoping that this list would let you wear denim jeans at the least, you are in for the disappointment. Similar to the jacket, denim jeans do nothing more than looking great. However, if you come off your bike at a decent speed then it isn’t going to end well for your legs. Keep the following in mind;
  • Are made from high-quality material such as leather
  • Also, include high-quality stitching to ensure they stick together in an accident
  • You can comfortably ride your bike and reach your controls
  • They allow for ventilation to keep you cool
  • There is sufficient storage space for your personal items while you ride

Last, but Not Least Are Your Boots!

Despite what the Nike commercials might have you believe, designer shoes with sings on them aren’t going to help you fly. And, in turn, sneakers aren’t going to help you ride! Instead, you will need boots made for the task. Keep the following in mind when shopping:
  • Take a boot and give it a good twist. The more it twists in your hand in the store the more it will allow your foot to twist in an accident
  • They include non-slip grip to allow you full control over your pedals
  • They can protect your feet from the rain
  • They fit!

A Synthetic Oil Change in Idaho Falls, ID Can Boost the Performance of Your Motorcycle

There is no substitute for common sense while you ride, so in addition to wearing the right safety gear, also be sure to ride safely and sensibly. Each time that you get on the bike, remember that you are riding a potentially dangerous vehicle if you don't make the right decisions and pay attention as you ride. When it’s time for bike maintenance, make sure it only gets the best products. Speak with TenEyck Distributing today at (208) 589-4660 for help finding the right product for your bike or to learn more about the benefits of a synthetic oil change in Idaho Falls, ID.

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