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Learn More With Our Top 10 Reasons to Use Synthetic Oil in Pocatello.

Whether you’re an old pro who has owned cars all their life or you’re new to the world of motor-mechanics, everybody can benefit from a refresh of their knowledge about how best to take care of their engine. With this article, Amsoil Dealer - TenEyck Distributing aims to just that with clear and easy to understand information regarding synthetic oil change benefits and how a synthetic oil change in Pocatello can help you to not only increase the performance of your engine, but help keep it protected and operating efficiently as you drive.

Minimize Your Fuel Costs.

Let’s start with fuel economy, as it’s likely the one you're most concerned about. If it feels like you’re constantly visiting the gas station, it could be that your engine is requiring more and more energy to operate, meaning more fuel. With a synthetic oil change in Pocatello, your engine is provided with a lubricating fluid that flows through your engine to facilitate smooth and efficient operation. The result? An engine that requires less energy to operate efficiently which requires less fuel - less trips to the gas station.


If ongoing mechanics visits are a concern, perhaps you can’t afford to lose your vehicle for work or you aren’t able to keep visiting the mechanic, then a synthetic oil change in Pocatello can help. Designed to keep your engine parts operating smoothly and protect them from unnecessary engine wear works to keep mechanic visits down with less part repair or replacements required.

Heat Induced Engine Damage.

If you’ve ever felt the heat coming off your hood then you’re likely aware of the type of temperatures that your engine is forced to operate under. What you may not realise however is the extent of damage this can do to your engine. With conventional oil, extreme heat can cause oil breakdown, leading to not only a heavy reduction in the lubrication running through your engine, but an increase in the impurities flowing along with it. Conversely, AMSOIL synthetic oil is designed with high operating temperatures in mind, so it better resists heat break down.

Car a Little Under the Weather?

If you can just feel that your car isn’t performing to its potential but you aren’t quite sure what could be causing the problem, it could be your oil. If you’re using a conventional oil, it’s likely that after a short period it lost its benefits and began to break down. This can leave your engine to perform without adequate lubrication, making it harder and harder each time for your engine to perform its basic tasks. One of the many synthetic oil change benefits can see your engine parts protected for longer, constantly providing your engine with what it needs to perform at as it was designed.

Don't Forget Cold Temperatures.

It can be easy to think that as the heat negatively affects your car's engine and its ability to operate, then the cold must be positive. While you’re not wrong - the cold we are talking about is when your car sits overnight. When this happens, cold temperatures set in and your oil can begin to retract from its once comprehensive coverage, leaving parts of your engine unprotected when you start your ignition. With a synthetic oil change in Pocatello, your oil maintains its consistency and continues to provide coverage in even the smallest and hardest to reach and lubricate places throughout your engine. Keeping your car protected and its engine running smoothly doesn’t mean you have to be a mechanic. Speak with Amsoil Dealer - TenEyck Distributing on (208) 589-4660 and ask about the right AMSOIL synthetic oil for your needs. With expert knowledge and a range of high quality products, Amsoil Dealer - TenEyck Distributing can make sure get the best synthetic oil change in Pocatello.

Engine Lifespan.

Whether you spent a little or you spent a lot, the car you have is yours and you want to make sure you get the most out of it. With purpose designed additives that are included in its refinement process, synthetic oil is able to provide a barrier between the internal components of your engine, protecting them from scuffing and chipping. While it may seem trivial for seemingly cosmetic damage to interfere with your engine's’ performance, over time these small nicks build up and lead to more serious damage, reducing the lifespan of your engine and its parts.

Less Oil Top-Ups.

If you look back at your calendar and notice that you keep having to make more and more oil top-ups and you can’t figure out why, it’s likely you’re using a conventional oil which isn’t holding up well during extreme running conditions. When this happens, oil can begin to evaporate, leading to what may seem like a constantly lit oil light. To combat this, AMSOIL synthetic oils are created to withstand not only regular driving conditions, but extreme engine conditions, ensuring it resists evaporation and stays where you need it the most - your engine.

Another New Oil Filter?

Along with frequent oil filter changes you are seeing, you may also be noticing that you are buying new oil filters more than you would prefer. In addition to the impurities that your car takes in through your air intakes, the small shards we mentioned earlier caused by conventional oil breakdown can lead to your oil filter getting clogged up with this debris, leaving it unable to do its job properly. With a resistance to break down, these small shards don’t occur with the use of synthetic oil, leaving your oil filter to do its job - filter your oil.

Less Visits to the Mechanic.

Continuing on speaking about small shards that can be chipped away from your engine due to oil breakdown, this can also have another effect on your engine - escalating maintenance costs. As these shards break away and travel through your oil flow, they scratch along the sides of individual components as they move. As these parts are affected differently, they require replacement at different times, leading to you make more and more visits to the mechanic for maintenance.

The Environment.

Just because you drive a car doesn’t mean that you aren’t interested in taking care of the environment. With an extension between required oil replacements comes less and less oil needing to be disposed of frequently.

Finding the Best Synthetic Oil Change Near Me.

With these and the many other benefits that come with a synthetic oil change in Pocatello, taking advantage of these synthetic oil benefits is as easy as speaking with an expert at Amsoil Dealer - TenEyck Distributing on (208) 589-4660. Able to provide professional advice and service to ensure you get the right product from our extensive range, Amsoil Dealer - TenEyck Distributing are the go-to people for your next synthetic oil change in Pocatello.

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