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If you know how to ride a regular road bike then it can be easy to assume that you can easily get on to a dirt bike and head off for adventure. However, there are some key differences you should know. There is no denying that riding a dirt bike comes with a level of adventure and thrill which you just can’t get from a road bike. In fact, the need for speed and adventure is often what draws many road bike riders to make the switch, even if only for weekend adventure.

Getting Started With a Dirt Bike

While they share many similarities, there a few key differences which you should know to keep you safe and enjoying your adventure without incident. Below is a great post from TenEyck Distributing to help get you started.

Don’t Skip the Instructions

The first thing which almost everybody does when they buy a new vehicle or gadget is to throw away the instructions or the user’s guide and just wing it. While this may work for a new cell phone, when it comes to a dirt bike, it’s worth the read. Before you get started, take out the owner's manual to learn a bit more about the vehicle you’re about to sit on and ride. While it may not be the most exciting task, it sure will be incredibly helpful.

Do You Look the Part?

Once you know more about your bike it’s time to think about whether you have the right gear. Start with these items:
  • Goggles
While you may not wear them during your regular road riding, you’re sure going to need them on your dirt bike to prevent any and all debris which you’re going to ride through from getting in your eyes. This can not only limit your vision but may potentially cause serious injuries. When choosing goggles, be sure that they fit over your helmet.
  • Gloves
Regular gloves are likely to be up to the task, but be sure you can reach the dirt bikes levers, as they will likely sit out further than your road bike.
  • Pants and Jacket
Again, it’s likely that your regular riding leather is going to be fine for the task of dirt bike riding as long as it allows for sufficient movement. For example, dirt bike riders often stand on their pegs while riding and need to lean more to navigate a tricky track. Road-based leathers can often be restrictive and will limit your maneuverability on a dirt bike.

Be Prepared to Tinker

A dirt bike needs a lot more maintenance than your regular road bike, given the conditions you ride through. For example:
  • Be sure to clean out your air filter after every one or two rides to keep your air intake at the right level.
  • Chains and cables are going to need more maintenance also, given that debris is likely to get stuck on and in them, leading to a limited working ability.
  • Washing and drying your dirt bike after each ride is essential. Numerous oils and water can splash up and make their way into the body of your bike and its inner workings. Washing them away after each ride is the best way to prevent external wear and keep the internals working as they should be.
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What’s Underneath You

Before you start your riding, the first thing that you will need to do is to look down. Notice that you don’t see the solid road? The reason this is important is that many road bike riders simply throttle up as if there was solid asphalt underneath them and end up falling over before they’ve had a chance to move. When you’re new to a dirt bike, take your starts easy so that you can begin to get a better understanding of the torque you can expect from a range of terrain.

Get Ready to Stand

Road bike riding is all about sitting down. Some would even say that it almost becomes comfortable. Almost! However, dirt bike riding is more standing than it is sitting. For this reason, during your first couple of rides, don’t expect to be on the bike as long as you expect. It’s likely that you will be using different muscles while riding a dirt bike, so be sure to take it easy and recognize when your body is feeling tired and take a break.

Give Your Dirt Bike a Synthetic Oil Change in Idaho Falls, ID

Just like your road bike, your dirt bike can benefit from a synthetic oil change in Idaho Falls, ID. Not only can this basic maintenance item keep your bike performing at its best, but it can also work to prevent against engine damage. To find out more, speak with TenEyck Distributing at (208) 589-4660 and trust in their friendly and professional advice to keep your dirt bike off-the-road for longer.

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