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If your brakes emit eerie sounds, take it as an indicator to take action. Don't worry, this post byTenEyck Distributing in Saint Georgewill help you understand the main signs that precede brake problems.

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Keeping the car's brakes in good condition is essential for your safety, so even if you have the slightest suspicion about their performance, you should give them the attention they deserve. Generally, when something doesn't go well, the brake system will emit sounds each time you use them. But what can be the root of this problem?

Brake Pads

Neglected brake pads are one of the most common problems of the brake system. If the brakes start to make noises due to old pads, you may hear a screechy noise as a result of the exposed security strips or direct contact with the discs. Be careful, since this will reduce the braking capacity as well as being able to break the discs themselves. Also, these parts are prone to get glazed, and if this is your case, you will have no choice but to replace them.

Beware of Dirt

The braking system can accumulate dirt for various reasons. The first one is due to the friction of the pad itself. Dust can also get on the surface, either due to the car's lack of use for a long time or because you could be driving on muddy roads too often.

Don't Forget about Humidity

Moisture is another factor that can make brake pads squeak, especially if you park on the street during the wintertime and on rainy days.

Don't Choose Bad Brake Discs

Brake discs can be in poor condition for different reasons but, installing low-quality discs will only be more detrimental to the brake system since second-rate discs are prone to deform. Even if you replace them, you'll realize that the problem is worsening because you'll keep hearing the annoying screechy sounds that the system will emit. If you have to change the discs, inspect the rest of the braking system's parts to replace the old pieces.

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You Use the Brakes Too Much

The brakes must be used when you need them. If you overuse the brake system, you can overheat the pads and eventually glaze them, emitting an annoying noise when you use them. Also, be careful with new brake pads since they need time to break-in and adjust their shape. Additionally, you'll create a deformation that will manifest in the form of annoying noises each time you brake abruptly.


When the brake pads are too old, the calipers can rub against the disc and damage it. The disc is deformed or distorted, and you may feel the brake "thumping" when you hit it. Vibrations can also be a sign that the installed parts don't match. If the brake parts are smaller, the pads or caliper may move around, producing an annoying braking noise. Also, there are times when vibrations between the pads and the discs create annoying squeals despite being in good condition.

Additional Signs of Brake Problems

Weird sounds shouldn't be the only thing to alert you regarding brake problems and car breakdowns. Along with the noise, you should also pay attention to these signs:
  • The vehicle takes longer than usual to stop
  • The car drifts to one side
  • The brake pedal is too hard or sinks too quickly
  • Burnt smell around the tires' area
Modern brake systems are complex, and the smallest failure can be fatal. If you notice any of these signs, schedule an appointment with your mechanic immediately to ensure everything is okay.

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