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For some people, car alterations are required to fulfill their needs and expectations when it comes to their vehicles. Keep reading this post by TenEyck Distributing and learn about the modifications that improve engine performance!

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These Alterations are More Common Than You Think

Car modifications aren’t something to be alarmed by, they’re quite common and even required at some point for certain vehicles. However, if your car is still under warranty, take into consideration that you should ask your service agent if these alterations would risk the warranty. Plus, always review thoroughly which kind of amendments apply to your vehicle without jeopardizing its warranty. Generally, a car enters air into the engine through a vacuum that happens as a result of the pistons’ motion. This attracts the air from the vehicle’s surroundings into the combustion chamber, where a unit of motion energy measured in horsepower is produced because of the spark plug.

Air Cooler

Performance can be considerably affected by the engine’s temperature hence the need for an air cooler kit. It is an alteration system that lets cold air enter the combustion chamber. This air tends to have a higher density than hot air and will supply a bigger amount of oxygen to enter the engine, which will upgrade the mixture.
  • Advantages: Its usage can assist in the improvement of the power and performance of the engine.
  • Disadvantages: Its installment tends to be a complicated procedure plus, it doesn’t work in vehicles with self-regulation air temperature.

Weight Reduction Is One of the Most Common Alterations Done at Home and in Which Your Engine Is Less Dangerous

The relationship between power and weight can be enhanced by removing merely useless elements under the hood of a car. This allows the engine to make less effort when moving the now reduced weight. There are multiple parts that can be removed and that choice depends, more or less, on the needs of each person. Just keep in mind not to remove security items and save and detect every piece in case you reconsider or wish to sell the vehicle in the future.
  • Advantages: better performance and lower fuel consumption.
  • Disadvantages: the appearance of the car is diminished, the parts could get lost.

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Add a Supercharger

A supercharger gives more atmospheric pressure so more air can enter the engine. Therefore the mixture entering the engine has higher amounts of fuel and more units of energy, which provides superior horsepower.
  • Advantages: a supercharger can generate up to 50% more power in a heartbeat if everything was installed correctly.
  • Disadvantages: The temperature will be considerably higher due to an increased fuel burn being produced. So, a synthetic oil change will be needed to neutralize extreme temperatures.

Consider an Engine Performance Chip

It’s very likely that the computer in modern vehicles regulates many of their characteristics, such as the anti-lock braking system, cooling system, air, and fuel mixtures. A performance chip can command the engine to use fuel more efficiently, or let a larger amount of air enter to enrich the mixture.
  • Advantages: It’s fully customizable according to your preferences and performance needs.
  • Disadvantage: Since this piece is part of the electrical system, it’s difficult to install regardless of manufacturers saying otherwise.

Adding Air Filters

The high-performance air filter is beneficial to the engine since it helps to achieve a more efficient air-fuel ratio. They block some of the pollutants that may decrease performance after a while, the engine power is enhanced when high-performance air filters allow for greater productivity and better mixing.
  • Advantages: Greater power and purity of the mixture, due to their manufacturing. Plus, they are washable and reusable.
  • Disadvantages: Since they can’t always be placed in the same compartment as the original ones were, the noise produced could bother some people.

Keep Your Filters Neat

Preserve fuel filters and air clean if you want them in optimum condition and releasing their maximum delivery of horsepower. Remember, your vehicle can’t perform if it’s not “breathing” adequately.

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