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It can seem like leaving your car at home is the only way to reduce your gas usage. However, this isn't true. This article has some great tips and ideas which can help. If you can remember a time when filling up your tank at the gas station didn’t mean emptying out all of the notes and coins in your wallet on to the cashier counter then you are one lucky motorist. With the ever increasing rise in gas prices, more and more new motorists don’t remember anything else. Of course, whether you remember it or not, you likely want to find ways to reduce your usage.

Easy Ways to Improve Your Fuel Economy

Just because you don’t have a full working knowledge of how your car and engine works doesn’t mean that there aren’t steps you can take to reduce your gas usage. With years of experience providing motorists with high-quality synthetic oil products, Amsoil Dealer - TenEyck Distributing knows a thing or two about engines and has the following post and tips to share.

Check Your Tire Pressure

How much pressure is in your tires plays a larger role in your car’s fuel consumption than you might think. You see, as you drive, friction builds up between your tires and where they come into contact with the road. This works against your car in the way that it requires your engine to work harder just to keep the wheels moving. If there is too little pressure in your tires then more of the tires is coming into contact with the road than it should. As you just read, the more contact, the more friction. The next time you are near a gas station, take a minute to inspect your tires and check their pressure levels. Be sure that each tire is at the correct and same level, including the one in your trunk. If the tires are the original tires that came with your car than your owner’s manual is a good place to find the right pressure level advice. If they are after market tires then the information you need will be printed/molded into the outside of the tire itself.

How Do Your Fluids Look?

Your body needs the right fluids to operate and so too does your engine. Only, the fluids that you're put into your engine stay in there until you take the time to check their level and condition. It’s important to realize that your engine fluids are the lifeblood of your engine and are essential to its healthy operation. Inside your engine are a number of large and small metal parts. As you drive, each of these parts interacts with one another at high speed, under high levels pressure, and during high temperatures. If you imagine this scenario you can understand that it doesn’t end well for the parts involved. To protect each of these parts and help your engine run for more than a couple of minutes, fluids like your regular engine oil provide each of these parts with a barrier of protection. This barrier film means prevents friction from building up inside your engine and instead facilitates the fluid interaction of each part. Similar to the tip with your tires, the less friction that is involved with the running of your engine, the better. In this case, as each part is able to do its job more easily it doesn’t require an additional amount of energy. Click here to buy AMSOIL's Signature Series 0W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil which has been formulated to keep your engine clean and improve the performance and fuel economy of your vehicle. Speak with TenEyck Distributing by calling (208) 589-4660 to learn more about how a synthetic oil change in Idaho Falls, ID can benefit you.

Remove Traffic From Your Schedule

Sounds easier said than done. Right? Wrong! While you can’t expect to hit every green light, there is much that you can do to avoid wasting fuel stuck at red lights, yielding to other motorists, or simply avoiding road blocks and works. As you sit down to plan your weekly errands, consider new routes that you can take or new days and times that you can complete each item. For example, consider moving a regularly traffic filled trip across town to the dry cleaners to a day where you are closer and there is less traffic. Simply adjustments like this can only work to reduce your travel time but can positively impact your fuel economy.

A Synthetic Oil Change in Idaho Falls, ID Can Help

Keeping your engine in good shape is a great way to not only improve your vehicle's performance but lower the visits you need to make to your local gas station. To learn more about the range of products or how a synthetic oil change in Idaho Falls, ID can benefit you, check out the online store or speak with an expert directly at TenEyck Distributing by calling (208) 589-4660.

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