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There are many factors that could be keeping you from closing the sale of your vehicle and TenEyck Distributing in Saint George has come up with a list to find the reason for your sale's delay and approach it with a solution to the problem.

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Selling a Car can be a Difficult Task

Especially if it's not clear how and where it should be offered to the public and to make it attractive to potential buyers. Selling online is probably the best way to move your used vehicle as it is inexpensive, safe, and fast, however, sales are not always as fast as one would expect.

The Car is Not Attractive To the People

Maybe that green or yellow shine looked great when it was new and you loved it, or those oversized wheels with orange accents gave a unique look to the vehicle, but the reality is that most pre-owned car buyers are looking for a more modest-looking car, in neutral colors. and well-known brands. In this case, you can point out in the ad that it isn't a car for everyone, and advertise the vehicle as a unique or different character. If it's from a brand that no longer exists or isn't very well-known, you can mention the car's potential as a future collectible.

In Other Cases, You Will Only Have to Lower the Price Slightly

This is for the sake to appeal to the rational side of the buyers, who perhaps want a more well-known brand or a less striking color, but perhaps paying less may seem like a worthy proposition to be valued.

The Car is Far Away

If you live in a small place away from the big city, that will make the list of potential buyers narrower and thus no one will your car soon. Many just won't drive more than an hour to get a car inspected, especially if it's a popular model with similar ones much closer to their area.

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You Are Not Easy to Reach

It's obvious, but buyers will give up on your car if they can't reach you on your cell phone or if you don't answer their messages and questions quickly. This is important when selling your car and it will always be preferable that you advertise it until you have at least a couple of weeks at home; if you leave the country for work or go camping with your family to a place with low cell reception, it won't be possible for those who see your ad to reach out and make an appointment.

The Cost is Higher Than the Average Pricing

Fo the sellers, this scenario might come off as odd but more often than not, this is one of the obvious reasons delaying car sales. Truth be told, amateur sellers have a hard time grasping this information despite how apparent it is. No matter how much you loved your car and how you've given it a great maintenance, low mileage, etc., for many potential buyers, this won't be a valuable trait if your rates will suggest a significant stretch in their budget. Buyers may not be willing to pay that much more for it, especially if other similar vehicles are available for less money.

Upload More than One Photo to Your Listing

This will give a more reliable impression to potential buyers. If the car has any damage to the body, take a photograph of it, because you will earn extra points for honesty, since buyers perceive that you have nothing to hide and that they're getting what they are seeing. Also, showing these damages will prevent whoever is viewing it from trying to lower the price, since they will be assuming that the price at which you announced it already includes said scratch, dent, or small blow.

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