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There are many unsaid things about motor oil. Therefore, TenEyck Distributing in Saint George has debunked a couple of common statements to clarify matters about the topic for once and for all.  

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When it comes to viscosities and components, one could say that each lubricant is different. Each one is composed of different types of bases and additives that give it different properties for various uses. Let's keep in mind that not all cars are the same. Therefore, it's advisable to follow the advice and recommendations of the manufacturers, and when choosing, always respect the viscosities indicated by them.

What Happens If You Change the Brand of Oil?

As long as the viscosities and technical characteristics are respected, the change of brand shouldn't influence much in the final result. There are exceptions but for the most part, oils of different brands that share the same components and equivalent viscosity are compatible.

If the Car Doesn't Consume Oil, Does That Mean That It's Working Correctly?

Beware of this, it is a fallacy. It's normal for the vehicle to waste oil. If the levels don't drop at all, it may mean that something is wrong with the engine. Maintaining regular lubricant replacement and consulting a specialist is the best advice in this case.

Don't Neglect the Filter

The purpose of the filter is to retain impurities that may form in the lubricant. If the filter is not in optimal condition, surely all or many soot or dirt particles will be “swimming” in the oil. In the long run, this will damage engine parts even more.

Should Any Type of Extra Additive Be Added to the Lubricant?

If the oil used in the car is the one indicated by the manufacturer, adding extra additives could even be harmful. Before going on the market, every lubricant is subjected to tests that make it specific and appropriate for certain vehicles.

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"High-Quality Synthetic Lubricants with Little Vehicle Use, Guarantees Less Frequent Top-Offs"

This statement is false and will get you in trouble since engines that don't reach the correct temperature due to little use end up forming undesirable deposits that can cause the combustion system to fail.

“You Only Need to Measure the Oil Level When You Reach the Indicated Mileage"

This is a bad habit. If you get used to this practice, you run the risk of seriously damaging your vehicle. You must get used to checking the level periodically, especially before making long trips since, in the event of a leak that you don't perceive, you could cause serious damage to the engine.

What Happens if the Oil Turns Black?

The moment when the lubricant turns black is when it is working at its best, since it is cleaning the engine and is freeing it of the soot that combustion produces. This carbon residue is carried by the oil to the filters, where it deposits them. Once the waste is stored, your machine is free of deposits.

"Oil Doesn't Influence Consumption"

Absolutely false. The role of the oil is to keep the engine clean and lubricated. Therefore, if fuel with low sulfur content is used, the lubricant will be cleaner, it will last longer and therefore, the engine too.

Can You Mix Mineral Oils with Synthetics?

Only in cases of extreme need. Synthetic oils are of superior quality, therefore, the mixture of both would create an imbalance between the components. This could lead to loss of functionality, viscosity, and additives of the lubricant used, resulting in poor lubrication.

"The Lubricants for Motorcycles and Cars Are the Same"

In reality, they are similar but they don't meet the same characteristics. Both have different additives that make them specific for their different uses. Using one where the other should be used can cause engine failure.

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