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Oil Analysis

Sample Report and Analysis

Reading and comprehending an oil analysis report could be difficult to the untrained eye. However, the benefits outweigh the initial learning curve. It is important to note that most metrics are helpful when read across multiple testings.  

We will look at the sample report on the right and walk through what some of the metrics mean for your vehicle. 
  1. Wear Metals: This could indicate abbrasion from your oil inside your engine. As you can see across the reports, the wear metals have been decreasing steadily and this is on a vehicle with 202,951 miles on it. 
  2. Base Number: The base number represents the ability of the oil to neutralize acids. AMSOIL synthetic oil keeps its base number across repeated testings while the best oils on the market start at 6 and go down to 1 or 2 in one oil change cycle!
  3. Contaminant Metals: Contaminant metals can come from many sources, not all of them unknown. In the report to the right, the high amount of Silicon reported comes from sealant from earlier maintenance, again it is important to note that the ppm is decreasing with time.