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Keeping your car's paint looking in pristine condition is easier said than done, especially during this season. Keep reading this post by TenEyck Distributing in Saint George and learn how to care for your car's paint.

Believe it or not, big problems won't damage the paint in the long run, but you must keep an eye on the small things as they pose a threat to the paint. Many quotidian elements around that tend to deteriorate the vehicle's paint without you even realizing it until it is too late.

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  Modern car paint is applied in several layers to protect the bodywork. Although it's developed with durability in mind, several substances and materials you encounter daily can damage it. You'll see several solutions to this quandary, such as ceramic layers or protective coatings. Still, there is no doubt that the most inexpensive solution is to keep the car clean and use products specifically designed for its maintenance.

Beware of Salt

If you live near the ocean or plan a trip to the beach, please be careful with this mineral. It is highly corrosive and will eat away at the paint over time. Plus, even the sodium in the breeze will stick to the vehicle's underside and other metallic components. While it's not easy to avoid, especially if you live in an area where it constantly snows, you can minimize the damage by washing your precious car as often as possible.  Apply a wax coat before the summer sets in to provide an additional layer of protection. You can also seal the underbody with other products.

Careful with Coffee and Soft Drinks

Have you ever placed a cup of coffee or soda on the roof of the vehicle while in a rush and looked at the spilled liquid as it tipped over and spilled the liquid on the car's exterior? Well, if this were to happen to you, you'll have a good reason to be upset, considering both beverages contain acid that can damage a car's color finish and several colorants that will stain the surface when dry. The key is to wipe up the spilled liquid quickly and thoroughly with a soft cloth and wash the affected area with soapy water right afterward.

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Tree Sap

Vehicles have always been enemies of trees. But who would've known that the latter would fight back by releasing sap during spring and summer? Don't forget that if you leave the vehicle under a tree, the sap will stick to your car's body. You must know by now that it won't damage the surface instantly, but it will eventually damage the paint's protective layer and cause discoloration. In other words, it will become matte from welts. When the sap hardens, it's also challenging to remove. Car care experts recommend using an automotive decontamination soap and isopropyl alcohol, or specific products that remove the fluid without damaging the body. Indeed, during spring and summer months, it's difficult as the sun pops up more during these seasons, and the car endures its rays while turning it into a sauna on board. So, it all goes down to pick your opponent, either eco-friendly dirt or hellish heat.

Remove Bird Droppings ASAP

Bird droppings are also harmful to car paint. By now, you already know birds defecate randomly on everything that crosses their path. Unfortunately, vehicles seem to be among their favorite targets so, and you must be extremely careful with these droppings as they're acidic and have the potential to damage the clear coat that acts as a varnish, especially when hardened. Prevent this from happening and choose where to park, but if the bird has selected your car, it's essential to clean the droppings before they harden. Avoid using kitchen or toilet paper and get a little water, a specific soap to treat car bodies, and, if possible, a soft microfiber cloth to wipe and dry the surface.

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