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Once you are clear about the brand and motorcycle model you want to buy, the next step is to collect the information around the motorcycle and possible dealers around the area to get the best price.

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Know the Motorcycle Rate Price

Find out about the price range of the motorcycle you've got on your sights and see if it is within your budget, available in a near dealership or on the brand's website. Do not worry if the cost seems a little high, with a little flare, you can negotiate it but first, do the following: · MAKE A LIST OF BRAND DEALERS IN THE AREA Search online and make a list of the closest brand dealers around you; you can also include the further ones if you're willing to travel for your purchase.  · CONTACT DEALERS You can reach them first by phone or in-person, if necessary. Ask them to send you a written estimate by email or fax and some dealers will be self-dismissing based on this document. Once you get to your top 3 finalists on the list, skim through it to study their price range and plan a strategy to get a lower price.

Never Accept the 1st nor the 2nd Offer

In a negotiation process, it's best to take it easy and clearly. Accepting the first or second offer leaves you exposed in the bargain and you won't be able to keep fighting the price.  · IN CASE THE PRICE DOESN'T GO ANY LOWER If the price doesn't give in anymore, test the waters by asking for extras such as insurance, fuel, additives, financing without interest, etc; or some equipment padlock or helmet. Also, don't forget the deadlines that will come before and after the purchase and, keep in mind that perhaps the best price means waiting a couple weeks to get a better price.

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Don't Be Anxious

Keep your cool and do not show any impatience or insecurity. Making you feel intimidated and cornered is not the seller's main interest. When you finally reach a closing with a good price tied up, ask the dealer to give you a written note disclosing all the expenses that will come with the purchase. BUDGET A budget is mainly a written statement of the seller's willingness to engage with the buyer at any given time. So that the consumer to whom this budget will be issued can request the same from different dealers, compare their offers, and calmly reflect at home on a specific suggestion, assessing without pressure if the potential client is interested in buying or not. To sum it up, this document it's a "written" note of the seller's will.

Things That Must Be Included in the Seller's Statement in Case of Default

· Seller's letterhead with your logo, business name, full address, telephone and fax contact. · The place and date the budget is issued. · Complete description of the vehicle for which it is issued: brand, model, power, color, extras, etc. · Description of the complete "turnkey" price, taxes, agency fees and taxes included. · Expiring date of this commitment.

Beware of the Clauses

There are things that shouldn't be included in the budget but, that unfortunately exist and that dealers have to resort to; like the disclaimers and guarantee breaking factors in case of certain modifications.

Budget Only Obliges the Dealer

Remember that the budget obliges the seller. You, as a buyer, are not obliged to anything; so don't even think to advance any money before closing the deal.


Before starting a motorcycle ride, it's recommended to do a visual check to make sure everything is in order. Also, keeping your vehicle in top shape is key to avoid any possible accidents; remember that keeping your bike in good condition is a decisive factor when it comes to safety. Lastly, don't forget to keep the bike clean; it'll help you detect possible defects. For the best maintenance oil, try AMSOIL 10W-30 Synthetic Metric Motorcycle Oil provides premium wear protection, clean and cool performance and smooth, shifts to motorcyclists.

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