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Synthetic oil myths can prevent you from making the best decisions for your vehicle's maintenance. Through this post by TenEyck Distributing in Saint George, you will learn the truth behind some popular synthetic oil myths.

We've all heard myths at some point in our lives. Some of us has even believed a few of them. This isn't inherently bad, as myths have been an important party of human history and civilization. Some of them helped shaped ways of thinking and they gave communities a sense of identity and belonging. Yes, myths aren't dangerous in and of themselves and in fact, they helped formed some history's greatest civilizations. The dangerous part comes when you don't investigate more about a myth. This can lead to misinformation which can result in you not making the best decisions. For example, there are some unfavorable synthetic oil myths floating around that could interfere with your vehicle's maintenance and lifespan. This can, in turn, hurt your lifestyle and even your wallet.  To make sure you don't believe false information about synthetic oil and to guarantee you'll make the best decision for your vehicle, the. following post will break some popular synthetic oil myths.

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The Truth Behind Synthetic Oil Stories

You Need to Break In the Engine With Conventional Oil

This first myth comes with a little bit of truth to it since, way back when, it was necessary for you to break in the engine with conventional oil. Still, times, technology, and lubricants have changed since then, and you can now employ synthetic oil from the very beginning.

Synthetic Oil is Completely Artificial

While conventional and synthetic oil go through different processes once they get to the lab, they both come from one same primary source: natural oil. This means that, contrary to popular belief, synthetic oil isn't completely artificial and man-made.

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It Voids the Vehicle's Warranty

This myth has no truth to it whatsoever. No, your vehicle's warranty won't be voided if you use synthetic oil on your engine. In fact, many manufacturers even recommend it. As long as you comply with the vehicle's requirements, you shouldn't have any problems with the warranty at all.

It Causes Cracks and Leaks

Once again, this myth has no reason of being. What happens here is that synthetic oil is considerably thinner in consistency than conventional oil which helps it find pre-existing cracks and leaks on the engine easily. If your engine leaks, address the issue promptly.

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You Can Never Go Back

Some people are scared of committing to using synthetic oil. because they've heard that they can never go back. to conventional if they decide they want to. However, you can absolutely go back and forth between the two as you see fit with no problem.

There's No Need to Replace It

This myth is the most dangerous of all. Yes, synthetic oil can be more resistant and may need to be changed less often than conventional oil. But, it does need to be replaced with regularity. If you don't, you run the risk of leaving your engine unprotected and more prone to damage.

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There's No Need to Change the Oil Filter

Every time you change the oil in your vehicle, you should change the oil filter, as well. The oil filter restricts the entrance of dust, gunk, and other filth into the engine. If you fail to change it regularly, then you can bet your engine will suffer the consequences sooner or later.

Synthetic Oil is More Expensive

Finally, a synthetic oil bottle on the shelf will cost more than a conventional one. However, once you consider all of the money it will save you due to its superior performance, you'll realize that synthetic oil is actually the most cost-effective option.

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