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If you are planning on buying a utility vehicle, you've come to the right place. But, before making a purchase, pay attention to this list by TenEyck Distributing in Saint George to find out which quad suits your needs!

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Be Aware of the Differences

All-Terrain Vehicles are generally meant for recreational ventures. But, Utility Task Vehicles were specially designed to facilitate work and utilitarian activities. Before getting one of these vehicles, you’d have to decide if you’re intending to drive it with other people or by yourself, determine your budget, and if you’re planning to use it for farm work, hunting, or racing. A quad can trigger "powerful emotions" and adrenaline rush; those are a couple of reasons that could inspire your purchase, but those strong emotions should not be at odds with safe driving. Recklessness while driving can endanger your life and that of your companions.

The First Thing You Have to Do Is Be Sure If Your Quad Can Carry a Passenger or Not

Meaning you must check if the vehicle has the required approval. If you can't carry a passenger, don't do it. You will jeopardize your safety and that of your companion, in addition to exposing yourself to a fine. Also, some quad drivers often drive standing on their vehicles, which you should never be tempted to attempt; you don't have to stand to enjoy the ride. Also, consider a safe driving course. Maybe that's what you should do to avoid occasional jitters.

Having a Quad Is All about Enjoying the Ride

Avoid racing with passengers on the vehicle. If you intend to compete against others, better inform yourself on how to do it safely. Beware of the inclination in these vehicles; they lean, just like two-wheeled bikes. But they do it in the opposite direction of the curve. If the hill is too inclined, two wheels can be off the ground, and if you carry an inadequate speed, you could even tip over. If you enter a high speed in a curve, you must incline the body inwards to cause a counterweight and have less chance of overturning.

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Resolve Which Kind of Use You’ll Give to the Vehicle

Whether it’s meant for work or leisure activities, you can be sure that each vehicle provides excellent functionality. However, bear in mind that remarkable performance demands a larger budget. ATVs are usually somewhat cheaper than UTVs since UTVs are designed for tougher endeavors and can hold up to six seats per unit, while ATVs can accommodate two people at most. If loading capacity is crucial to your needs, the UTV has no rival in that regard, most already include a trunk that provides plenty of cargo space, and you can load whatever you want, either for work or for traveling. An ATV is more limited, and the most you can load will be two cases in the frontal and rear supports.

Both Vehicles Have Had Major Improvements when it Comes to Security

Modern ATVs have accomplished a new level of security due to the chassis being redesigned, suspensions, and general improvements in the distribution of the weight and its gravity center. Though one could say that UTVs are more apt for family use than ATVs since their security is way ahead with seats, safety belts, and roll bars.


UTVs are heavier than ATVs but provide superior hauling capacity, and as a result, their popularity is increasing among agricultural holdings and businesses dedicated to outdoor leisure. Lastly, both are great off-road vehicles, and in most cases, both qualify as quads for work and recreation. Except, if you are specifically looking for a car with more seats and loading capacity, then the UTV it’s will be your safest choice.

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