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It's never too late to learn more about different vehicles, their traits, and body types. Keep scrolling through this post by TenEyck Distributing in Saint George and test your knowledge about cars.

Are You Thinking about Getting a New Car?

Yes, this can be quite a challenging process since there are numerous bodyworks on the market that it can become confusing to tell one from the other. However, you must understand what makes each car body type different, as this allows you to make the right choice based on your needs and lifestyle. Learn about the most common car body types by reading this post that TenEyck Distributing in Saint George has prepared for you today.


The SUV is considered to be a more versatile vehicle made for adventure. SUV stands for Sports Utility Vehicle. This vehicle can drive through mud, snow, and sand, making it perfect for going on a family road trip. Offering the option of four-wheel-drive, SUVs have higher ground clearance and have an excellent towing capacity. On the downside, SUVs are known for rolling over in accident situations. Take this factor into consideration before making your choice.


With the convertible, you may be entering a different category of vehicles. Convertibles are smaller cars and offer very little and even non-existent cargo space. They have rear seats with minimal legroom and are very expensive; some are even collectible. They are not practical or versatile if you have a family. However, convertibles offer a fantastic driving experience for solo drivers and couples. They enable you to roll the top down and enjoy all-around visibility.

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Don't let them fool you. Minivans are convenient and comfortable despite their size and look. These vehicles are easy to drive and are very versatile. They have three-row seating, allowing you to carry up to six people. By following down the seat, you end up with a surprising result of the baggage area. They also have storage compartments and video screens, allowing easy access to entertainment. Minivans are the best option for big families.


The sedan is an ordinary four-door vehicle that has two rows of seats. It may be small but it's a powerful vehicle for long commutes. The sedan is one of the most famous car body types among drivers. Novice drivers love it, notably. There are many reasons why people enjoy sedans. Some of these reasons include their affordability, handling, excellent fuel economy, and performance. Also, sedans have a low gravity center. This decreases the chances of the car rolling over. However, one of the downsides of sedans is that they lack room and cargo space. Along with having poor storage, various drivers cope with head and tight legroom.

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Station Wagon

Station wagons used to be very popular. However, due to the versatility of other car body types, their popularity decreased. Nonetheless, station wagons have a lot to offer. Similar to sedans, station wagons offer similar handling and accommodation paired with high performance and efficiency. Station wagons have all the amenities you need, such as spacious interiors and four-wheel drive. If you are looking for something slightly larger than a sedan, the station wagon is for you.


These vehicles are an attractive choice for small families. Bigger than a sedan but more modest than a Minivan and SUV. The rear seats fold down, proving more cargo space. This vehicle is very versatile and will enable passengers to sit comfortably inside. Hatchbacks are made for the city, having a wide variety of models that you can pick. It’s very comfortable to ride and affordable, considering its size and characteristics.

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