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Feeling some level of fear when learning how to ride a motorcycle is normal. Nonetheless, if you feel like your fear is getting in the way of learning this new skill, read this post by TenEyck Distributing and learn some tips on how to overcome it.

Are you learning how to ride a motorcycle? Beginner riders can often feel overwhelmed when they start getting used to being on a bike. Learning to ride can be challenging and can cause certain people to become fearful of the dangers that entail riding a motorcycle. If this is your case, keep reading this article that TenEyck Distributing in Saint George has for you to learn some tips on how to overcome your fear and be able to go on the road in no time.

Start by Learning the Basics

Learning what every part of your motorcycle does and how they work is crucial when learning how to ride a bike. Learn how everything is called and where it is located. From the brakes to the clutch, to the horn, make sure you are able to identify all different parts. Learn about the kickstand, about the hazards, the start button, get familiar with how the clutch works, the rear end brake, the front brake. Get the basics down before moving to the next step

Go to a Motorcycle Rider Course

A great thing you can do is to get an instructor or take a motorcycle rider course. It may look simple to take on the learning by yourself or to follow the advice of those around you, but not knowing proper technique can lead to being involved in an accident. This type of behavior can make it easier for you to be fearful of riding your motorcycle. Go to a riding course to ensure you get proper instruction and are able to understand how to ride safely.

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Don’t Be Afraid of Slowing Down

Don’t try to go overboard and do things that make you feel too uncomfortable. You have to begin by learning the basics and developing an initial comfort zone. It’s normal to feel some level of fear and anxiety when starting to learn how to ride a motorcycle. Don’t feel pressured to have to improve in a specific amount of time. On the contrary, take your time. If while riding you feel like your level of anxiety starts building up, slow down and pull over. It’s better to give yourself space to calm down instead of riding with an unclear mind.


Practice is your best ally. Practicing will not only allow you to perfect all your skills but will also give your body and mind the necessary time to understand and get used to all the new movements and steps they have to learn. Practicing will also allow you to start building confidence and help you get used to your motorcycle and how every part works. You can practice in an empty parking lot and ask a friend or instructor to accompany you from time to time to help you keep improving and slowly feel more comfortable.

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Trust Your Abilities

If you are constantly thinking king about all the things that can go wrong, then you will predispose your mind for a bad outcome. Have trust in your abilities. Have confidence in the fact that you have spent a lot of time practicing and improving your skills and they will allow you to have success while riding. Mistakes happen, and they happen to any rider, experienced or not, so don’t focus too much on them and instead focus on trusting that you have what it takes to drive your motorcycle.

Take Things Step by Step and Be Consistent

Everybody is different, and what works for one driver may not work for the other. When looking at the big picture, things may seem too big and intimidating. Make a plan and come up with some goals. Setting up short term goals will help things look less intimidating and allow you to advance slowly and help you see how you progress. It is also important to remember to be consistent. It’s crucial to ensure you keep a schedule and stick to it to ensure you achieve your goals.

Lose the Fear of Riding Your Motorcycle by Having the Assurance That You Are Giving It the Best Maintenance

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