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Most vehicles on the market have mechanics supercharged by one or more turbochargers. Its main faults are listed in this post by TenEyck Distributing to help you recognize them on time. 

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Symptoms of Turbo Failures

Nowadays, there are more cars with turbo engines for sale due to its growing popularity as a component that increases the responsiveness of the engine and, at the same time, decreases fuel consumption; especially in higher places where a naturally aspirated engine shows power losses and forces the driver to accelerate more to get the same response, the car would have at sea level.

Turbocharged Engines Are Not Perfect

Since naturally aspirated engines are also prone to failure, whether if their components of the central block, in the head or even those in the air turbocharger, which can become an expensive issue to repair if possible damages are not detected in time. Recognizing turbo failures will improve the condition of your car, but in addition to that, it will save you from spending a large sum of money.

Beware of White Smoke at the Exhaust System Outlets

It's important to clarify that this symptom can also be related to many other car problems, but if you ever notice it, take it as a very bad omen. In the case of turbochargers, they could leak oil into the car's air intake, causing it to mix with gasoline and air, and consume it, leaving evidence of white or blue smoke coming out of the exhaust. The turbocharger has oil inside and if the car gets overstressed, its components could slack between each other and start leaking. If you notice that your car is emitting white smoke, and the response of the engine or turbo seems to slow down, stop immediately and call technical assistance. Leave it to the professionals to rule out if a fault might be affecting the turbo. Also, be ready in case they may need to tow your car.

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Keep an Eye If the Turbo Is Underperforming

To give you a little bit of context, a turbo supplies the ideal amount of air with the required compression level, and above a certain speed range that varies according to many factors. Though it may take some time for the turbo to kick. But if once it starts to run, you notice that at times it does so with greater intensity and at other times it's practically imperceptible, you can begin to suspect turbo failures. In this situation, you should go to the workshop as soon as possible, as there is likely to be an accumulation of dust, carbon residue, or grease somewhere in the turbocharger, which can be preventing it from working well and causing further damage.

Changes in Engine Sound

No one knows your car better than you. If one day you hear it begins to sound louder, lower, or has intermittent whistles, it means there could be experiencing some turbo glitches. But relax, this case isn't so serious as it's usually due to broken or poorly adjusted clamps or hoses; which is a simple repair but also, it's one that should be done as a priority to avoid more serious damage.

Pay Attention to Metal Rubbing Noises When Accelerating above Turbo Input Speed

If you know your car's turbocharger kicks in at 3,000 RPM, or more, and right after that you start to notice a metallic rubbing sound or something similar to the sound of a vacuum cleaner, it's a sign that the turbo blades are making contact with its housing: something undesirable under any circumstances. If this is your scenario, better call and request a crane urgently.

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